The PreVent Project

PreVent the Spread of Infection.

Enable Available Non-Invasive Ventilation.

Help Keep Our Front-Liners Safe | Help Them Save Us

Personal, Portable
Negative Pressure Enclosures
Contain & Filter Aerosolized COVID

More Effective PPE for Front-Liners.

Cleaner Air in Hospitals & Nursing Homes

Enable Clean & Available

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You know why you are here - you see that the Front Lines desperately need help, and you want to do something about it.

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Share with your network!

  2. Donate via the PayPal button above or use this facebook fundraiser.

  3. Fill out our Contact Us Form linked below.

  4. Comment on the slides linked below.

  5. Email to offer material support in the form of the following:

    1. Capabilities

    2. Time and Effort

    3. Funding

    4. Introductions to more health care providers (systems/practitioners) who want to use this

The PreVent Project: Helping Save Our Front-Liners. Help Them Save Us.

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